Saturday, February 26, 2011

birds of a feather

i have been so excited about this blog post i have been barley able to contain myself! in fact i have been waiting with bated breath everyday for my package to come so i could FINALLY share with you WHY i am SO EXCITED. well, it came and i can finally tell you about feather extensions! the first time i saw these on anyone in real life was the sales rep from morrocan oil. when i saw it i just thought she had put in a little blonde piece into her hair and when i reached out and touched it i realized it was not just a blonde piece but in fact real in from an actual rooster. right. in. her. hair. the amazing thing about these feathers is that you can blow dry them, flat iron them, curl them and pretty must style as usual but with the added coolness of a fun funky rooster feather. they come in all sorts of colors and i am happy to say we will be doing said extensions as of next week! now you can proudly strut your stuff in the hen house or around town. i know i will be!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

what is in a name?

after our clients found out that we were opening our own little salon, one of the first questions out of their mouths were..."so, what's the name?" which we proudly replied, "salon non-fiction" (3 second pause) "ok, what does THAT mean?!" well, to answer that question, i need to take you on a magical journey to my childhood. cue pouffy bangs and bad perm! when i was in elementary school my mom took us every week to the local library where she (being the mother of 6) got to have someone else tell us to be quiet and we, loving the library, would happily comply. i can still see the way the light filtered in through the brick basket weave outside the windows, leaving octagonal shapes on green/brown carpet, but i digress. the thing that struck me as a young girl was that the "fiction" books were all make believe (and where my beloved nancy drew books were located) and that the "non-fiction" section were all real stories about people or times in history. this confused me. why would the NON version of something be the real story? shouldn't the real stories be fiction and the made up ones be the non-fiction? well, no one seemed to be in much distress about the whole thing so i just kept reading my nancy drew stories, absently twirling the locks of my frizzy perm. so fast forward to today, to our little salon with it's big bright windows and sunny wall why the name salon non-fiction? well, we all have a hair story, some have curly unruly hair, some have pin straight, and most of us have a little of both all mixed in together. what we, at salon non-fiction, strive to do is to take your hair with all it's quirks, cowlicks and curls and make it the best hair it can make-believe required.

Monday, January 24, 2011

welcome to salon non-fiction the blog!

Sometimes i have good ideas, other times i have GREAT ideas, and i think this blog will turn out to be one of the great ones! so as the first blog post (and first blog postee) i get to tell you a little bit about us. salon non-fiction consists of Janice Lewis, Carly Torres and Rachel Eaton (moi). we are obsessed about amazing hair, learning new techniques and having a blast playing with your hair! this is why this blog is so neat, as your hairstylist we have tips and tricks that we love to share with you but sometimes, let's admit it, we would rather talk about the latest celebrity getting married or divorced for the 15th time, sooooooo this is our way of getting the tips of the trade into your hands (and onto your computer so you can reference said tips). janice, carly and i will be taking turns weekly updating you on some of the latest trends, tips and probably a few nonsensical things as well, because why not? we will be posting some step by steps for you, some blow dry tips and the latest from the hair classes we go to. we hope you enjoy it as much as we love sharing with you!